The Unpopular Choices

E98A0D63-DDF5-4719-841F-2DCC170FA7EE.jpegHave you made unpopular choices and or decisions in your life that anyone around you start questioning about it?

Perhaps choosing an average guy over a handsome guy? Or courting an average girl over the pretty ones even if it’s obvious that these pretties are into you?

Or choosing to be with low profile friends over those famous and elite ones?

Whatever the reasons you may have for that choices, people around you will always have something to say about it no matter what, be it good or bad.

At some point in my life, people started asking me why I made few unpopular choices. Some even asked why I chose someone less over the rest of the good ones among the options.

The question is, how they come up with the idea that one thing is better than the other? What are the basis? Is it from some preset standards? Who made the standards?

Well, what is less in the eyes of the others might be the only thing better and the most precious among the rest for some. And that is the art of perception – ceasing to see the familiar scene, digging deeper, shaking it, and as if by magic, you will see a totally different meaning in it.

At any point of your life, you will meet someone that you will choose over the others for no reason at all – as it may seem, like choosing a partner perhaps. Having a good-looking partner is not like winning the lottery. Because when you take away the looks as a factor, that is the only time, you could really say that you are lucky or not. Because what really matters will reveal upon you when superficial factors are taken out of the scene.

Having good looks is just a bonus. What really matters is what the person is really made inside. Having a partner with great looks is very different from having a partner with great personality. Well, lucky for you if you can have both in one package, but I doubt it. I mean, I really doubt it if you can still find one.

Finding your perfect partner is like an endless game of chance. Sometimes you will lose, stumble, fall, get bruised, but you will continue to get up every time, becoming stronger, bolder and smarter. And when you find the one, you don’t care what others might say, because you made that choice for a thousand reasons no matter how unpopular it may be.

When someone will ask you why you made that choice or if that someone will ask you, why you chose him/her? You seemed to be out of words no matter how witty you are. It seemed that you can’t find any reason why you made that choice but when you look deeper, in your heart, you have a million if not a thousand reasons why.

You chose that someone because he/she made you laugh. You chose that someone because he/she does not give you headaches, does not get angry on petty stuffs. He/she is that someone whom you can tell your deepest secrets, comfortable talking with for hours, understands you even if you don’t say a single word. That someone gave you comfort when you are in the lowest point of life, creates time when you need it even when he/she have other important things to do.

You chose that someone because you can do crazy stuffs together then talk and laugh about it later. You chose that someone because he/she doesn’t want you to get hurt, uncomfortable, worried, and sad. You chose that someone who understands you completely, someone who seemed the only one who talks with sense to you.

You chose that someone who won’t make you beg for anything, make you look stupid, make fun of you in front of people, and won’t say anything that can harm you. You chose that someone because you feel protected, valued, safe, loved. You chose that someone who brings out the best version of you. You chose that someone because it feels like – home.

It is still amazing that people, whether family, friends, colleagues, etc, still set standards for us sometimes. It is kind of both funny and irritating that they have high expectations at times. They set the bar that high based on the norms of society and will redicule you when having that unpopular decisions or choices in your life.

But still it is our own life. We are the master of it! If it feels right, do it. What is important is spending our life with the things that matters most to us and not what matters with them.

It just take courage to make unpopular decisions/choices. Yes, temporary discomfort may follow and we need to endure it, but we know that it will have the best long term result. In the end, your life is your own road and yours alone, others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you!





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